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Overview and Investment Strategy
Cohen Development Corporationís investment strategy is value driven and flexible. Our track record and experience in the real estate world has translated into a successful program of acquiring overlooked properties. Our executive team has knowledge in acquisition, capital markets, development, management, legal, architecture, engineering and marketing of real estate. We focus on acquiring properties that have fundamentally sound characteristics in strong locations, within submarkets with favorable attributes. We invest in properties that have a realizable and realistic potential, that when coupled with conservative underwriting lead to value maximization and highly successful outcomes. Cohen Development Corporation achieves growth in value through an entrepreneurial management style, flexible and creative deal structures, and strategic thinking. Before undertaking an acquisition we thoroughly investigate all elements of a properties attributes including its: current or future cash flow, current and historical financial statements, tenancies, environmental and engineering condition, deal structure, and the assetís ability for appreciation and success.


Cohen Development Corporation acts as both investor and active owner and manager. As an active owner we fill the role of asset manager and developer. Our hands-on asset management team proactively manages properties and actively performs preventive maintenance in order to minimize expenses and maximize profits, which helps to uncover solutions that provide higher than market returns. To maximize value and pay close attention to detail we manage our properties.


Cohen Development Corporation currently has a presence in retail & industrial properties; and is affiliated with Manhattan Management who owns 4,000 garden apartments and a dozen office buildings in NJ. By remaining small, having an uncompromising focus, and commitment to excellence, we believe that Cohen Development Corporation is well positioned to strive in the current real estate environment.

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